The Online Speakers Academy

AGR Chris Murray

About the academy...


  • A platform for you to upload your videos and have them professionally critiqued so that you can improve them

  • Learn industry techniques on how to gain confidence on camera fast

  • Access to online courses that will help you create more professional-looking video media. All you need is your smartphone

  • Editing masterclasses that will help take away the fear of looking bad on camera

  • An opportunity to be among like-minded people who will support and encourage you.

  • An opportunity to promote yourself and your business with video in our private Facebook group

  • Access to interviews with industry experts help you to build, promote, market, and sell online

  • A weekly opportunity to have one of your videos professionally edited by a member of our team

  • An opportunity to make money with us by joining our affiliate program

  • An opportunity to be on our monthly professionally edited online show

This product is not currently for sale.

You will be able to post videos to our private Facebook group and get expert advice from professionals on how to improve your videos. You will get access to online courses giving you step by step guidance on how to create more professional looking media. You will receive tips on how to become supremely confident on camera. You will receive expert advice on how to effectively use video to attract your ideal clients.

£49.95 a month

The Online Speakers Academy